Academic Mentorships for the 2008 – 2009 Scholars

Once again, this year’s Sauvé Scholars benefit from the guidance offered by an exceptional and dedicated group of Academic Mentors chosen for their expertise in fields related to the individual Scholar’s project and area of enquiry.

Professor Peter G. Brown whose teaching, research, and service are concerned with ethics, governance, and the protection of the environment, is Academic Mentor to Idowu Ajibade, whose principal interest is assessing impacts of climate change on human rights, and policy framework to aid adaptation of vulnerable communities.

Tomer Avital is an Israeli journalist who is creating a workshop that will bring together journalists from conflict areas.  Instead of a single mentor, he consults with many professionals whose advice and assistance help him to fully develop his project - "Networking the Gap".

Megan Bradley’s doctoral research addresses the justice issues raised by large-scale refugee repatriation movements. Her Academic Mentor is Professor Catherine Lu whose research focus includes normative problems that arise in the aftermath of domestic and international violence, issues of global justice and ethics.

Giovanni Gabassi is guided in his research on post-conflict rehabilitation in South Eastern Europe, conflict prevention as well as negotiation theory by Professor Mark Brawley whose research focus is on hegemony and major wars. 

Elizabeth Kistin’s commitment to poverty reduction, global development and international cooperation and her D.Phil. dissertation focus on 'The Dynamic Effects of Transboundary Water Regimes' are enhanced by the research focus of her Academic Mentor, Professor Thom Meredith. Dr. Meredith's interest is the management of ecological resources, particularly environmental impact assessment and community response to environmental change.

Professor Claudia Mitchell’s specialization in topics such as youth culture and girls’ education in development studies helps to guide Pyone Kyaw in achieving her goal of helping other young women to demonstrate their capacities as women and as full members of society, ensuring that women have the same opportunities in education, economic, social and, most importantly, in political life.

Dr. Myung-Soo Jo teaches Marketing Research at the undergraduate and MBA levels. His other teaching interests include International Marketing, Marketing Strategy, and Brand and Pricing Management. During her year as a Sauvé Scholar, Marta Massi benefits from his experience as she continues to build on her knowledge of business communication, advertising and New Media, and expand her research on cultural branding in arts and cultural organizations.

Evgeniy Pak
who comes from a family of physicians and works as a doctor in a Center of Family Medicine in Kyrgyzstan is guided in his time as a Sauvé Scholar by Dr. Martin Dawes, Chair of the McGill Department of Family Medicine.

Clarice Reis, whose work in Brazil has focused on Public Health Policy and Primary Health Care is being mentored by Dr. Ann C. Macaulay, O.C., Associate Professor of Family Medicine and a dedicated researcher in the field of Aboriginal health and community-based participatory research, the evolving ethics of participatory research which include protection of communities in addition to the protection of the individual in the research process.
Marie Marguerite Sabongui's project as a Sauvé Scholar combines her studies in sustainable development and work in the film industry. She aims to establish an environmental consulting organization for the greening of film and television productions in Montreal and ultimately Canada. Professor Nancy Adler, whose fields of expertise include international organization development mentors Marie-Marguerite with respect to sustainable business and the development of the new NGO.

Sergey Tantushyan, the economics and finance expert of this year’s cohort, has a wide range of experience in banking, management and investment consulting in his native Armenia. His Academic Mentor is Professor Nancy Adler whose fields of interest include strategic international human resources management, expatriation, and international negotiating.

Lynn Butler-Kisber, associate professor in the Department of Integrated Studies in Education, is currently the Director of the Centre for Educational Leadership and of the Graduate Certificate Programs in Educational Leadership. During his year as a Sauvé Scholar, Dr. Butler is mentoring Edward Vainker, who is investigating how different education systems cater for those with specific learning difficulties and how they ensure that the most able students gain access to the most prestigious academic universities.

“Leaders must dream of changing the world.

They must have an inspired vision of the changes they want to make and be prepared to consecrate all
their energy to that purpose. A capacity to communicate their objectives is indispensable to sustain
the enthusiasm of their collaborators and their perseverance in action.”
— The Right Honourable Jeanne Sauvé, Opening Speech to the National Conference for Young Leaders, June 2-8, 1991